The product range of Sesco

Protection and Hygiene

SESCO Health Care stores masks and protective gear in Austria and is able to deliver it immediately. Replenishment is possible quickly due to the product partner of SESCO in China.
Your health and safety is important to SESCO. Therefore SESCO Health Care provides only high quality products.

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Protection, Hygiene and Decoration for your office Chairs

Office chairs are a playground for bacteria and contamination. Nevertheless, cleanness and hygiene are possible – with the office chair covers of CLEANCHAIR.

Even used office chairs are upgraded by means of the high-quality protective covers. Threadbare areas, stains or faded materials – with cover your office chair will look clean and representative again in a quick and affordable way.

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clean travelling

On vacation you are often confronted with dirty sheets, unhygienic seats on public transports and other situation where you wish it would be clean. CLEANTRAVELLER offers you a solution – with appropriate single-use covers for every cause.

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